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engines.h File Reference

Utility functions to handle the engines. More...

#include <list>
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void createEngineProbes (std::list< const Engines::EngineProbe *> &probes)
 Create all probes for all our engines. More...
void destroyEngineProbes (std::list< const Engines::EngineProbe *> &probes)
 Destroy all the probes again. More...

Detailed Description

Utility functions to handle the engines.

Definition in file engines.h.

Function Documentation

◆ createEngineProbes()

void createEngineProbes ( std::list< const Engines::EngineProbe *> &  probes)

◆ destroyEngineProbes()

void destroyEngineProbes ( std::list< const Engines::EngineProbe *> &  probes)

Destroy all the probes again.

Definition at line 51 of file engines.cpp.

Referenced by main().

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