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Engines::KotOR2::CharacterGenerationNameMenu Class Reference

#include <chargenname.h>

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Public Member Functions

 CharacterGenerationNameMenu (CharacterGenerationInfo &info, ::Engines::Console *console=0)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Engines::KotOR2::CharacterGenerationBaseMenu
 CharacterGenerationBaseMenu (CharacterGenerationInfo &info, ::Engines::Console *console=0)
bool isAccepted ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Engines::KotOR2::GUI
 GUI (::Engines::Console *console)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Engines::KotOR::GUI
 GUI (::Engines::Console *console=0)
 ~GUI ()
virtual void show ()
 Show the GUI. More...
virtual void hide ()
 Hide the GUI. More...
void convertToXoreos (float &x, float &y, const float widgetHeight) const
 Converts Kotor' GUI coordinates with a coordinate origin in the upper left corner to the Xoreos coordinate system with the coordinate origin in the center. More...
void convertToGUI (float &x, float &y, const float widgetHeight) const
 Converts Xoreos' coordinates with a coordinate origin in the center to Kotor's GUI coordinates with the coordinate origin in the the upper left corner. More...
Common::UString getName () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Engines::GUI
 GUI (Console *console=0)
uint32 run (uint32 startCode=kStartCodeNone)
 Run the GUI. More...
virtual void abort ()
 Abort the currently running GUI. More...
void addEvent (const Events::Event &event)
 Add a single event for consideration into the GUI event queue. More...
uint32 processEventQueue ()
 Process the current event queue. More...

Private Member Functions

virtual void callbackActive (Widget &widget)
 Callback that's triggered when a widget was activated. More...
virtual void callbackTextInput (const Common::UString &text)
 Callback that's triggered when a text input is received. More...
virtual void callbackKeyInput (const Events::Key &key, const Events::EventType &type)
 Callback that's triggered when a key is pressed or released. More...

Private Attributes

Aurora::LTRFile _humanFirst
Aurora::LTRFile _humanLast
Common::UString _name

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from Engines::GUI
static const uint32 kStartCodeNone = 0
static const uint32 kReturnCodeNone = 0
static const uint32 kReturnCodeAbort = 0xFFFFFFFF
- Protected Types inherited from Engines::KotOR::GUI
enum  WidgetType {
  kWidgetTypeInvalid = - 1, kWidgetTypePanel = 2, kWidgetTypeLabel = 4, kWidgetTypeProtoItem = 5,
  kWidgetTypeButton = 6, kWidgetTypeCheckBox = 7, kWidgetTypeSlider = 8, kWidgetTypeScrollbar = 9,
  kWidgetTypeProgressbar = 10, kWidgetTypeListBox = 11
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Engines::KotOR2::CharacterGenerationBaseMenu
void accept ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Engines::KotOR2::GUI
virtual void initWidget (Widget &widget)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Engines::KotOR::GUI
virtual void mouseUp ()
 The mouse state has changed. More...
virtual void mouseDown ()
void load (const Common::UString &resref)
WidgetPanelgetPanel (const Common::UString &tag, bool vital=false)
WidgetLabelgetLabel (const Common::UString &tag, bool vital=false)
WidgetProtoItemgetProtoItem (const Common::UString &tag, bool vital=false)
WidgetButtongetButton (const Common::UString &tag, bool vital=false)
WidgetCheckBoxgetCheckBox (const Common::UString &tag, bool vital=false)
WidgetSlidergetSlider (const Common::UString &tag, bool vital=false)
WidgetScrollbargetScrollbar (const Common::UString &tag, bool vital=false)
WidgetProgressbargetProgressbar (const Common::UString &tag, bool vital=false)
WidgetListBoxgetListBox (const Common::UString &tag, bool vital=false)
void addBackground (const Common::UString &background, bool front=false)
void setCheckBoxState (const Common::UString &tag, bool state)
bool getCheckBoxState (const Common::UString &tag)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Engines::GUI
void addWidget (Widget *widget)
 Add a widget. More...
void removeWidget (Widget *widget)
 Remove a widget. More...
void clearWidgets ()
 Clear all widgets. More...
bool empty ()
 Check if the gui is currently empty. More...
bool hasWidget (const Common::UString &tag) const
 Does this specific widget exist within the GUI? More...
WidgetgetWidget (const Common::UString &tag, bool vital=false)
 Return a widget in the GUI. More...
const WidgetgetWidget (const Common::UString &tag, bool vital=false) const
 Return a widget in the GUI. More...
void declareGroup (const std::list< Widget *> &group)
 Put these widgets together into a group. More...
void removeFocus ()
 Forcefully remove the focus from the current widget. More...
void updateMouse ()
 Force an update of the mouse position. More...
uint32 sub (GUI &gui, uint32 startCode=kStartCodeNone, bool showSelf=true, bool hideSelf=true)
 Open up a sub GUI. More...
void setPosition (float x, float y, float z)
 Set the GUI's position. More...
void getPosition (float &x, float &y, float &z) const
 Get the GUI's position. More...
virtual void callbackRun ()
 Callback that's triggered periodically in the run() method. More...
void addChild (GUI *gui)
 Add a child GUI object to this GUI. More...
void removeChild (GUI *gui)
 Remove a child GUI object from this GUI. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from Engines::KotOR2::CharacterGenerationBaseMenu
- Protected Attributes inherited from Engines::GUI
 The widget the mouse is currently on. More...
uint32 _startCode
 The GUI's start code. More...
uint32 _returnCode
 The GUI's return code. More...
 The currently running sub GUI. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 39 of file chargenname.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CharacterGenerationNameMenu()

Engines::KotOR2::CharacterGenerationNameMenu::CharacterGenerationNameMenu ( CharacterGenerationInfo info,
::Engines::Console console = 0 

Member Function Documentation

◆ callbackActive()

void Engines::KotOR2::CharacterGenerationNameMenu::callbackActive ( Widget widget)

◆ callbackKeyInput()

void Engines::KotOR2::CharacterGenerationNameMenu::callbackKeyInput ( const Events::Key key,
const Events::EventType type 

◆ callbackTextInput()

void Engines::KotOR2::CharacterGenerationNameMenu::callbackTextInput ( const Common::UString text)

Member Data Documentation

◆ _humanFirst

Aurora::LTRFile Engines::KotOR2::CharacterGenerationNameMenu::_humanFirst

◆ _humanLast

Aurora::LTRFile Engines::KotOR2::CharacterGenerationNameMenu::_humanLast

◆ _name

Common::UString Engines::KotOR2::CharacterGenerationNameMenu::_name

◆ _nameLabel

WidgetLabel* Engines::KotOR2::CharacterGenerationNameMenu::_nameLabel

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