Not-Thanksgiving 2018

Another year nears its end. After unfortunately skipping last year’s Not-Thanksgiving post, we are, back to our regular yearly retrospection. For people new to xoreos: this series is a kind of introspective look into what happened with the xoreos project over the past year. I’m not in the USA, so I don’t observe Thanksgiving, but nevertheless, I do want to give thanks to all the great people working with me on xoreos, and supporting us in other ways.

KotOR main menu with Darth MalakKotOR main menu with Darth Malak

I already wrote a combination introspective and release post back in July, which gave some updates since the previous Not-Thanksgiving post in 2016, so let’s see what happened since then:

WIP Dragon Age: Origins main menuWIP Dragon Age: Origins main menu

Quite a lot, right? :)

Of course, there’s still things in progress, among them:

  • mirv is continuing work on the new renderer.
  • Supermanu is working on pathfinding.
  • Nostritius is furthering our ScaleForm GFx reimplementation.

xoreos wouldn’t be what it is without the help of a lot of great people, for whom I am thankful.

  • rjshae, for taking up work on NWN2 in xoreos.
  • asr1, for starting the NWN2 XML fixer, that’s now in xoreos-tools.
  • seedhartha, for working on KotOR and getting the renderer rewrite mergeable.
  • mirv, for doing the renderer rewrite in the first place.
  • Nostritius, for doing a heck of a lot of different things in xoreos.
  • clone2727, for keeping me grounded.
  • Luigi Auiremma, for all his research and tools.
  • Supermanu, for his pathfinding work.
  • Farmboy0, for his help and advice.
  • The people at GamingOnLinux, a great community for, well, Gaming on Linux.
  • Linux porters like flibitijibibo, icculus and Cheeseness, for providing this much-needed service and also being all-around good people.
  • A myriads of other people I probably forgot, because I’m bad at remembering.

Hopefully, the future will bring even more movement into this little project. If you would like to help with that, then please, feel free to contact us! :)